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The Chrysalids


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On this page you will learn about 3 conflicts that are in the book




The first conflict at the beginning of the book is between David and his dad (Joseph Strorm) which is person vs. person.  This conflict starts because David does not have a problem with Sophie having six toes and since Joseph Strorm is so religious, he finds a big problem with David being friends with Sophie.  Once Davids dad found out about Sophie, he whipped David because he was mad at him.  This conflict also revolves around David not wanting to tell the Inspector about Sophie and where she and her family went.  Also, Joseph Strorm cant even stand anyone even saying that they wished they had three arms as David had said.  Joseph is so set on creating a perfect society that he does not even care about his own family.  This conflict was never truly resolved because David had to leave before he had the chance to talk to his dad about it.



The second conflict in the middle of the book is between Anne and Michael which is person vs. person.  This conflict starts because Anne marries Alan and Michael does not think that it is a very good idea.  Michael does not think this is a very good idea because Anne is a thought-reader and she might not be able not to tell Alan about everyone who can read images.  And, if Anne tells Alan about the thought-readers, Alan will tell the authorities and everyone will be found out and get in trouble.  Just because they are not normal, they would not be able to live in Waknuk any more.  This conflict was kind of resolved because Anne killed herself because Alan was killed by Uncle Axel.  But, on the other hand, the conflict was never resolved because Michael and Anne never discussed it and never resolved their issues.



The third conflict in the end of the book is between Sophie and Rosiland which is person vs. person.  This conflict really starts because Spider-man wants Rosalind to have his children because Sophie can not have give him children.  Also, Sophie is not very well kept and Rosiland is, causing Sophie to be jealous.  The last thing that caused this conflict was that David likes Rosiland and Sophie knows that he does and she is a bit jealous.  This particular conflict does not resolve completely because Sophie gets shot in the back with an arrow and she dies.



John Wyndham