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The Chrysalids

Here you will find 2 themes that occur through out the book

Theme #1

Dont stop trying


The reason that this is a theme in the book is because when David, Rosiland, and Petra were in the forest, you just know that they wanted to give up, but they just kept on going.  Another reason for this theme is because David never gave up on people who judge other people if they arent perfectly perfect.  This theme means to keep on going, even if you think the world is against you.  Never give up.  This is one thing that you could learn from this novel.



Theme # 2                                               


Accept People for who they are
           The reason that this is a theme in the book is because David, even though everyone else didnt like them, accepted Sophie and people who arent perfect.  Another example of this theme is when Joseph Strorm wouldnt even accept his own son just because he is a little bit different.  This theme means to never judge a person by what they look like, it is what is in the inside what counts.  You could learn from this theme because if you dont accept people for who they are, bad things happen and people are alienated