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The Chrysalids
Mood Descriptors


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Mood Descriptors


The first mood is melancholy: A mood is melancholy because first of all, the Waknuk people do not accept people for whothey really are and only for what they look like and that is not a fair way to judge people.  An example is when the Waknuk people judge Sophie wrongly just because she has on extra  toe.  Second of all, the mood is melancholy because the people that are friends with people who are different, are persecuted.  An example is when David is kind to Sophie,  Davids dad whips him because he was seeing Sophie without permission.  This mood descriptor is at the beginning of the book.


 The second mood is suspenseful: A mood is suspenseful because people who can read thought shapes are in trouble and are causing suspense.Examples of this are when David, Rosiland, and Petra are being chased by the people of Waknuk and Sally and Katherine are  being tortured to tell about everyone.  The  last person who is causing suspense is Anne because we didnt know if she was going to tell everyone about the people who can read minds.  This mood descriptor is in the middle of the book.


The third mood is jubilant: A mood is jubilant because at the end, all of the problems are resolved.  Examples of this are that the Sealand people arrive to help Petra, Rosiland, David, Michael and Rachel escape from Waknuk and the Fringes so that they can be themselves.    Another example of this is that all of the people who were chasing Petra, Rosiland, and David are dead and they cant chase them anymore and cause trouble.