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The Chrysalids


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Plot Summary

~The Chrysalids~

Here you will find out a big summary about the book!

Plot Summary


In the book The Chrysalids, written by John Wyndam, many interesting things happen.  The book starts off with David Strorm, a boy who lives in Waknuk, meeting a girl named Sophie.  David lives in Waknuk where they are very stern about people being perfect and having a perfect image.  On the other hand, Sophie (who has six toes) lives on the outskirts of the Fringes where the people who are not perfect go so they can be accepted.  Although David is not supposed to see Sophie, he sees her secretly.   During all this time, David tells his Uncle Axel that he can read thought shapes (telepathic).  One day, Alan (a kid from Waknuk) sees Sophie and David together and David has to get in a fight because no one can find out about them.  Because of this, Sophie and her parents have to leave.  Once Sophie and her parents leave, Fringe people who are in Waknuk get caught and one of them looks like Davids dad and a spider.  Once Davids dad finds out that David was seeing Sophie, he whips him and makes him tell everything to the inspector. 

Near the middle of the book, even more interesting things happen.  After a little while, Petra (Davids sister) is born.  Aunt Harriet also has a baby but the baby is deformed and Aunt Harriet wants to use Petra so she can get the babys certificate.  When Petra is six years old, there are certain signs that Petra can read thought shapes.  For example, she and her horse get under attack by a wild cat and she is in distress so everyone who can read thought shapes come.  These people who can read thought shapes are Rosiland (Davids cousin), Michael, Mark, Rachel, Anne, Sally, and Katherine.  David and Rosiland are romantically involved even though they are cousins and their love grows for each other every day.  When Katherine and Sally are taken in for being abnormal, David, Rosiland, and Petra leave Waknuk so they will not be caught because people suspect them of being abnormal (reading minds).  When David, Rosiland, and Petra are in the forest, Anne marries Alan and people do not think that this is a good idea because Anne will not be able to keep a big secret like that from Alan about thought shapes.  Anne does not read thought shapes any more because she just wants to be normal and live a happy married life.  Uncle Axel kills Alan because Anne told Alan about everyone who can read thought shapes.  Sally and Katherine are suspected on reading thought shapes and are taken in and are tortured to tell.  People of Waknuk (including Michael), are chasing Rosiland, David, and Petra through the forest.  

Also, near the end of the book, many more interesting things happen.  Petra communicates with people from Sealand and people from Sealand are on their way to help them out because in Sealand, everyone reads thought shapes.  When going through a dark cave, Rosiland, David, and Petra get ambushed and are caught by the Fringe people.  They are taken to Spider-man and David finds out that he is Davids dads brother.  Spider-man wants Rosiland to have his children because Sophie and most of the other women in the Fringes are unable to have children.  Because David is a guy and he argues, he gets thrown out and when he wakes up, Sophie is helping him.  Sophie likes Spider-man and wants to have his children but she is unable to.  Sophie rescues Rosiland and Petra from Spider-man by killing the guard that was guarding them.  The Waknuk people and the Fringe people unite in battle and the Sealand show up and spray sticky stuff all over the people so the people stop fighting.  The Sealand people bring Rosiland, Petra, and David to Sealand and Michael goes back to get Rachel and they make their way on foot.


Plot Summary

By: Amy Bartley and Michelle Klein-Geltink